Dear members of Indera Putra,

Due to Covid-19, PTEM's 2020 Sports Festival consisting of various competitions have been highly affected. The only remaining sports events are track events whereas all other competitions have been cancelled.

As for now, the latest tentative dates for our covid-style Interhouse Sports Championships has been postponed again indefinitely. Exact dates will be updated as soon as we receive news CCA

The following track events will still be held:

1. 3,000 Meter Terbuka

2. 1,500 Meter Terbuka

3. 400 Meter (Lelaki dan Perempuan)

4. 800 Meter Terbuka (Lelaki & Perempuan)

5. 100 Meter (Lelaki & Perempuan)

6. 200 Meter (Lelaki & Perempuan)

7. 4 X 100 Meter (Lelaki & Perempuan)

8. 4 100 Meter (pensyarah)

9. 4 X 400 Meter (Lelaki & Perempuan)

10. Fun Run (pensyarah & Kakitangan)

You may start training BUT it is advisable to NOT conduct the training around school area or in school (as CCA activities are still not allowed)

During the event - SUPPORTERS ARE NOT ALLOWED but CCA section will LIVE STREAM the event and they can still E-Support

Who will be allowed to be around the grandstand and PTEM track/field?

1. House masters

2. House mistresses

3. 2 students (e.g. captain and asst captain)

4. The athletes (according to schedule)

We hope for your understanding in these extraordinary circumstances. Thank you.

House of Indera Putra.

"Born to rule"