Dear student committee members,

You have been chosen by your peers to lead the house to victory!

Your main task to ensure the smooth running of the house selecting and preparing our athletes to compete in the sports day events. You are the face of the club and you must carry the burden with dignity and respect. You are to also maintain sportsmanship throughout the duration of the school Sports Festival season.

Part of your duty is to also stir up team spirit among our members.

The tutor committee will help provide you with all your administrative needs such as sign-ups, name lists and provision of resources such as food & beverages, first aid kit etc. You are not to be distracted by these administrative work and focus on your main duty.

We hope that you stay committed throughout the sports festival season and lead us all to victory, because being a member of Indera Putra, we are born to rule!


Cg. Chan Siang Khwang

Cg. Sharon Ong Chee Wan

Cikgu Dyg Hjh Siti Rahmat bte Haji Tarsat

Housemasters of Indera Putra